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New Temple Opening Festival

Nov 22nd - 26th
Thanksgiving Weekend / Kartik Purnima

Wednesday, Nov 22nd:  Puja/ rituals/ first cooking. Kirtan in the evening with Havan
Thursday, Nov 23rd: Ekadasi & Thanksgiving - Kirtan all day and evening/ presentations/ activities/ katha/ sharing memories
Friday, Nov 24th: Kirtan and community activities/ presentations/ katha/ sharing memories
Saturday, Nov 25th: Deities move after Noon arati and take rest in the new temple. Kirtan mellows for the evening
Sunday, Nov 26th: Morning abhiseka, 1st arati at noon arati, festival concludes by 3pm

Construction Progress

Our Timeline


How to Contribute

Many thanks to all who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to this amazing project! You can give in person at the temple via cash, check, or Square, give online via Paypal, Facebook, or Zelle, or send a check to:


10310 Oaklyn Drive

Potomac, MD 20854


If you would like to pledge or send your donation, or have a tour of the site, please see Laksuman Bhandari (Caitanya Nitai das) at (240) 476-6540 or

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