September 19, 2020

Last night the temperatures took a dive, so we moved Tulsi Devi into her winter home - a clean and warm greenhouse. Tulsi devi is a sacred plant, always to be found at a Krishna Temple. 

As I was carrying her carefully, pot after pot, I remembered a line from the song we daily sing in her praise. We ask her - “Please give me the privilege of devotional service.”

Why does being a servant count as a privilege? Because it’s so...

September 10, 2020

'Contentment' is one of the niyamas, the set of five personal observances that Patanjali lists in the second chapter of his Yoga-sutras. It's also a state of being that can be very hard to attain. How do we find real contentment?

One way is to try to understand what the obstacles to contentment are. Two of those obstacles are 1) pining for an irretrievable past and 2) worrying about what the future will bring.

I'm part...

September 4, 2020

Making his way towards the car with boxed lunch in hand

I began to say goodbye but he stopped and said

“Just going to get my metal spoon!”

And I though, just one spoon 

A simple act of consideration for Mother Earth

And what can one spoon do, really?

Why would he bother to walk all the way

In the opposite direction, to get a little spoon

But he did because he cared, and wanted to do his part

His one small part, to honor the earth upon...

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