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Listen In

Out beyond the mind and intelligence, lies the soul. It can be touched by sacred sound. One only has to listen well.

Listening can be hard. The mind, intelligence and false ego get in the way. Arjuna wasn’t joking when he said the mind is ‘harder to control than the wind’. It constantly moves.

If we want to uncover our soul, actually experience it, Krishna says we can do that, get beyond the mind, by ‘suitable practice and detachment’.

The practice is listening. Listening to the sound of the mantra. The detachment is ignoring the mind, at least for the time of practice.

The recommended mantra for this age is the Hare Krishna mantra. Three words, repeated. Containing everything we need to know - the source, the power, and the sweetness. It’s another form of Om.

The mantra works if we want to touch the soul. It will also make our life better, but that is secondary. Make the goal to get beyond the mind and intelligence. There the soul is waiting.

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