Details may be adjusted due to Covid restrictions.
Please contact with any questions.


Details may be adjusted due to Covid restrictions.
Please contact with any questions.
Unfortunately, due to current Covid precautions, HoliDC 2021 has been canceled. We will update here with any new information.

Holi is a festival celebrating love – and the power of love to bring all good things into our lives. The festival signifies new life, new growth, new beginnings.

Holi, therefore, reminds us to color our life with love, faith, and a generous spirit. It calls us to give and receive. And best of all, it's just great fun. We get lost in color, forget about our usual identity, and experience life – and each other – from a whole new perspective.

Tuesday, August 30th

Janmastami – the birth of Lord Krishna – is one of the biggest spiritual celebrations of the year at ISKCON of DC. Krishna is a Sanksrit name for God which means ‘the all-attractive One’. The birthplace of Krishna on earth, Vrindavan in India, is home to over 5,000 Temples dedicated to Krishna and the practice of Bhakti Yoga – the path of loving devotional service to God.

Time: 6pm - midnight

Sunday, October 16th

The Dushera Festival celebrates the ultimate victory of Lord Ramacandra, when he finally finds his wife Sita, and the evil Ravana is slain. A colorful stage play of the search and battle takes place at 6pm, after which a large model of Ravana goes up in smoke!



Time: 3pm - 7pm

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