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Janmastami 2019 

AUGUST 23rd  •  6pm to Midnight

Zone 1 - Temple room with music, mantra, abhiseka, and darshan

Zone 2 - Center Court with stage, shopping, and henna

Zone 3 - Food Court with restaurant, maha prasad, and free feast

Zone 4 - Krishna's Carnival with games, fun, and prizes

Zone 5 - Vrindavan Village with jhulan, childrens abhiseka, and cows

The festival is free and all are welcome.


ATM on site and CC's accepted at most booths. Call (301) 299-2100 for Festival Inquiries. 




1. On Site - If you would like an onsite pass for Janmastami you are invited to be a sponsor of the festival. Connect with Caitanya Nitai/ Laxman Bhandari for details - 240 476 6540.

3. Free Festival Parking: Listed below are our free satellite parking lots. Shuttles will bring you to and from the temple anytime between 6pm to 12.30am. Click on the location below for more information.


When leaving the festival, we strongly encourage drivers only to take the shuttle bus back to the lot and then return to pick up the rest of your party. This allows us to maximize the use of the shuttle buses and speeds the exit process for

Janmastami Parking



The Birth of Lord Krishna

Janmastami is one of the biggest spiritual celebrations of the year at ISKCON of DC. Krishna is a Sanksrit name for God which means ‘the all-attractive One’. The birthplace of Krishna on earth, Vrindavan in India, is home to over 5,000 Temples dedicated to Krishna and the practice of Bhakti Yoga – the path of loving devotional service to God.


At ISKCON of DC, we have a celebration that is not to be missed! It is an event filled with music, dance, food and fun activities for the whole family Janmastami is a day to celebrate Krishna’s presence in our lives, to be grateful for our relationship with Him, and to join in the festival to love and honor Him.

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