A fun, nurturing, and safe place for children and youth to make friends, learn about Krishna, and experience the spirit of community.

Krishna Kids

Sep 13th - Dec 13th
3pm - 4pm
  • Krishna Clubs is designed for Elementary School students (Grades 1 - 5)

  • Fall Semester Theme: Fun Talks & Crafts with Krishna

  • No fee

  • registration for Krishna Kids is now closed.

Krishna Clubs & Krishna Crew.png

Krishna Crew

Sep 13th - Dec 13th
4pm - 5pm
  • Krishna crew is for Middle Schoolers - Grade 6, 7, and 8.

  • Theme: Young Philosophers - Exploring the Bhagavad-gita

  • Fee: $20



Sep 27th - NOV 15th
6pm - 7:30pm

Come join us for a semester of interesting discussions, creative surprises, and fun online events. Our programs will break the norms of routine virtual meetings, with each session incorporating out-of-the-box elements. We hope to bring you a fun and engaging semester of content that will provide a unique opportunity for us to grow in our friendships and connect with our peers during this pandemic.


Why TAG?


To be in a community means to be there for one another. There are times when you may be struggling, and you need your community to be there for you. At other times, someone else is dealing with something difficult and you are tasked with lending a hand. This spirit of “tagging you in” to be there for each other is what we’re hoping to cultivate in ISKCON of DC’s newest program for high school age members. We feel this sentiment is also incredibly relevant during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

High-school can also spur that classic identity crisis. Who are you at school? Who are you at home? Who are you at temple? Who are you on social media? As we get closer and closer to the big 1-8 (adulthood?!), we have another question we start to ask- “Do I want Krishna to be part of my identity?”  In response, our relationship with Krishna starts to look like a game of tag. Whether you’re running towards Krishna or running away from Him - it's cool. Let’s talk about it. 

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Founder Acharya His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.