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Simply Present, Simple Presence

Each week before service, we meet together and participate in a group activity. This week we spoke about the power of association, of being with like-minded people and how that shapes our lives. Every time we come to the temple we deepen our association with each other, with the deities, and in this way, with Krishna. We can see our life change by the power of association and service.

Last week, two of our newest family members to ISKCON of DC, came to serve together, father and son, while Mom is in India. You might have seen them!

Here we can take a moment to recognize the power of every one of us, coming together in service on Sundays. Whether we sit in the temple to listen or stand to serve food, being present here serves a purpose. Being present creates a community for each of us to welcome new people, begin to know each other better even if we recognize each other by face or name. In this process, we practice bhakti and develop our individual relationships with Krishna.

Whether we are new to Washington, coming back or this is our long time home, we are all performing a powerful service by being here.

The Sunday Serve program details are:

Time: 11 am - 4pm

Service Teams include: Temple Ushers, Lunch Service, Parking Administration,

Connections Table

Sign up by registering through the link on the front page of the website. You will then receive an email weekly to register for the dates you would like to serve.

*Please note, no service on Sunday, 3/12/17, in honor of Gaura Purnima. Service resumes the 19th.

What an honor it is to share in service with you and we look forward to seeing you whenever you get a chance to participate.

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