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“Krishna is so kind that He is always with us as Friend; if we can learn to treat Him with our friendly love and affection the reciprocation is permanent, and that is the highest success of our human form of life,” Srila Prabhupada, Letter, June 1968

This week during service, we saw a lot of smiles.

As we serve together we become better friends. Like the quote above, we learn to see each other as friends in service. We practice treating each other with love and affection. Just as Krishna is situated in the heart of every living entity, He is in the heart of all of us as we serve together.

On Sundays we may feel rushed, perhaps still tired from the prior week’s work or from catching up with family and other obligations. The practice of coming together in service, however, softens the heart. We can see this in the smiles and caring gestures we share . What a gift!

The Sunday Serve program details are:

Time: 11:30 am - 4pm*

Service Teams include: Temple Ushers, Lunch Service, Parking Administration,

Connections Table

Serving once a month is ideal. Register by clicking the link on the Sunday Serve website page. You will receive a confirmation email and then an email to schedule your service. RSVP by Thursday night for service on Sunday.*

*Please note, the time change. We now begin at 11:30 to allow time for as many people to serve as possible. Please be on time!

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