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Empowered Through Service

“So far as your duty is concerned, you are doing your best. That is your spiritual qualification. The best qualification for a Vaisnava is to act sincerely, and to his best capacity, for the service of Krishna.” Srila Prabhupada

Each time we come together in service we share a little bit of ourselves. We meet someone new and we become friendlier with people we already know. In essence, we grow our community. The simple act of coming together and serving sincerely leads to a sense of empowerment in our own lives. When we do simple, sometimes seemingly mundane tasks, like cleaning the pots or putting away chairs, or directing cars where to park, we are really investing in our own sense of strength. When we spend the extra time to offer service to Krishna in a group through Sunday Serve we meet the qualifications for spiritual life. In so doing we become empowered through service.

The Sunday Serve program details are:

Time: 11:30 am - 4pm*

Service Teams include: Temple Ushers, Lunch Service, Parking Administration,

Connections Table

Serving once a month is ideal. For new registration, click here, or by visit the link on the Sunday Serve website page.

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