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Service Bliss

“The transcendental bliss enjoyed in pure devotional service is like an ocean.”

Caitanya Caritamrta Adi-lila 7.98

Each week in Sunday Serve, we help host the Sunday Open House. As you know or have experienced, we work together in teams for different service areas. As each of us become more proficient in the different service areas, we become a little more relaxed and able to enjoy the day. Our service becomes a little bit more useful as well.

We encourage everyone who is interested in service to sign up to learn the different program areas. If you are due for service this month, please come and serve and experience the joy that helps you deepen your devotional life. The happiness that comes from learning the service is very sweet, and like the quote says above, full of bliss!

The Sunday Serve program details are:

Time: 11:30 am - 4pm

Service Teams include: Temple Ushers, Lunch Service, Parking Administration,

Connections Table

Serving once a month is ideal. Register by clicking here or through the link on the Sunday Serve website page. You will receive a confirmation email and then an email to schedule your service. RSVP by Thursday night for service on Sunday. Please be on time.

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