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The Big Swing

Golf is not my cup of chai but there is a tournament happening next door so it’s a good meditation. 18 holes, 18 chapters of the Gita. There’s one link. The other is the meandering journey a golf course takes, surely mirroring the meandering journey of our life. At times in the rough, at times flying high, at others chipping away in the sand pits.

One thing golf has are clear goals. Get the ball into the hole with the least number of shots as you can. That’s the focus of all the effort and the supporting rules make the game both fair and challenging. When the goal is clear the participation is more meaningful.

When we have specific goals in life we do better. They hold our mind together so it doesn’t go off kilter and take us away to lower modes. One needs to have both major and minor goals. If we ask someone ‘What is the goal of life in general?’ we will get different answers. ‘What is the goal of your life in particular?’ more different answers.

For the big picture the general goals are happiness, meaning, freedom, and love. We would then say that you can’t have any of those to completeness unless you add the goal of questioning and remembering. Who am I? Where have I come from? To whom do I belong? Am I a child of the earth or of the heavens?

Questioning is the essence of being human. If they are set right, the goals we make around them will satisfy us.

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