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Index Meditations on Krishna

Krisna As ...

Ability in man, adventure, basis of brahman, basis of everything, source of calmness,

beyond material nature

cause of all causes, charioteer, creation, death, demigods source, equal to all, eternal seed, everything

source of fame, father of the universe, fire of digestion, fragrance of the earth,

source of fearlessness

freedom from doubt, friend, generator of things yet to be, grandsire of the universe, greatest

living personality,

healing herb, immortality, independent, life of all that lives, light of the universe, mind, moon,

origin and dissolution of all

prowess of powerful, purifies, refuge, resting place, ritual, sacrifice, source of sages,

seed giving father,

separate from universe, silence, sound in ether, spring, splendor of splendid, sustainer,

support of the universe,

thunderbolt, time, transcendental chant, truth, unborn, victory, wind, wisdom,


excerpted from the Index of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is

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