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Week of Radha

We start with Krishna’s holy name

The maha mantra, the great mantra for deliverance

Bringing us an invitation to engage in service

Filled with freedom, grace, and good fortune

And freeing us from the grip that the

Anxieties of this life have on us

That hold us tightly to this false notion of I and mine

And find before Krishna’s name is the name of Radha

The Hare before Krishna in the great mantra for deliverance

The energy of the Lord that opens the front door, or the side

For us to directly serve, and also indirectly serve

Especially serve as the servant of the servant of the servant

Radha is the consort of Krishna, and is always by His side.

She is the feminine form of the Lord, the hladini shakti

The balance, the complete, non different than Him.

They are one, being two. The original couple.

The original relationship of love.

“I can only believe in a God who dances,” Nietzsche once said.

And loves, I would add. Radha is God’s love. And we love that.

Love the notion that love is at the core, the essence, the beginning

Of all life. Love that love is alive and well in heaven. Love that

Besides Krishna loving all of us, his bits and pieces, his parts and parcels

He has his own special love, and unlimited relationships surrounding it.

Radha stands with Krishna on the altar, and before Krishna in his holy name

She guides our way if we let her, extends her hand and says

Come spirit soul, recall who you are, and go wild

With joy and experiences of pure love.

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