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Falling in Love Again

I’ve fallen in love again with Krishna Book. It’s filled with stories of Krishna with daring rescues, loving exchanges, and sweet happy endings. It’s one of my Kartik practices to read a chapter a day and I’m loving it.

When St. Augustine asked the question ‘What do I love when I love my God?’ he also gave an answer - "Not the beauty of any bodily thing, nor the order of seasons, not the brightness of light that rejoices the eye, nor the sweet melodies of all songs, nor the sweet fragrance of flowers and ointments and spices: not manna nor honey, not the limbs that carnal love embraces. None of these things do I love in loving my God.

Yet in a sense I do love light and melody and fragrance and food and embrace when I love my God–the light and the voice and the fragrance and the food and embrace in the soul, when that light shines upon my soul which no place can contain, that voice sounds which no time can take from me, I breathe that fragrance which no wind scatters, I eat the food which is not lessened by eating, and I lie in the embrace which satiety never comes to sunder. This it is that I love, when I love my God."

The 89 stories of Krishna Book present insights into the delightful, lovable and always adventurous life of Krishna. After all, if God’s a person, what does He do? How does He live? Where does he find His joy and His pleasure?

Although we can never say we ‘know’ God (we barely know ourselves or our closest friends), we can learn quite a bit about Him and should do so. After all, how can you love someone if you don’t know them? Conversely, how can you dislike or reject someone if you don’t know them?

What I’m gaining most from my reading is a sense of Krishna being our best shelter. No matter what happens He’s there for His devotees in Krishna Book. And He’s there for us too - in this often dangerous, sometimes confusing, and always bitter sweet world.

How to know God? Read Krishna Book, especially at night with a cup of hot milk and a warm fire. It will send you off to bed with a happy heart and sweet dreams to follow.

Read Krishna Book at:

It's official title is Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead

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