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Eight Krishna-Conscious Activities To Do From Home!

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your time at home during this coronavirus work/ travel restriction. It's a great opportunity to have family time with kids, or if you're single, to have extra time for hearing and chanting.

Most of them can be done together, which makes them more fun, and provides opportunities for conversation and connection.

1. Gardening - Fragrant Flowers for Krishna

Besides taking walks and bike rides for some healthy fresh air, gardening is a wonderful family activity. Research the fragrant flowers you want to grow for Krishna and start getting your spring garden ready! Click the photo below for more info.


2. Watch Together

The Joy of Devotion is now available for free viewing online (click on the photo below to find the hold-a-screening link).


3. Ramayana Storytime and Rhymes with Vrinda (young children)


4. Find a Wide Variety of Kids Activities!

Click the picture below to link to Hare Krishna Kids.


5. Listen to a 1968 Ramnavami lecture by Srila Prabhupada (read along with the transcription)

Click the photo below to take you to the lecture.


6. Read Aloud Together

It's nice if each family member has a book so they can read along and take turns being the reader. Pick up extra copies at the temple if you need them. Click the photo below to read Krishna Book online.


7. Vanipedia

Research anything you ever wanted to know about Srila Prabhupada and his teachings. Click the picture below to take you to


8. Japa Time

Listen to short (less than 5 mins) meditations on the practice of chanting japa. Do it together and discuss. Click the picture below to take you to SoundCloud.



Make your own Hand Sanitizer! Click the photo below for instructions.

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