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Missed Chances

I spied it on the side of a box I opened that said “Don’t throw away a chance to recycle.” What a great tagline! And of course it got me thinking.

What other chances am I missing? What other opportunities am I throwing away by being casual, unthinking, lazy?

This quote speaks to the choices we have in front of us at every moment of every day.

To be kind to the environment, to others, and to ourselves. To be grateful for what we have and to give generously to those who have less. “Do something, now that you know something” was another message I received recently. It’s similar to the chance quote - don’t miss an opportunity to do something good.

It also speaks to the opportunity we have as humans to question life, to be curious about who we are and what might be the point of it all. Much as we love our pets, and how intelligent they are, they cannot question their existence as we can. We regularly throw away that chance by refusing to challenge our assumptions, biases, our habits, and our fears.

And it speaks to me personally. Own up to my daily misses it tells me - don’t throw away a chance to:

  • Spend some early morning hours with Krishna

  • Trust the good intentions of others

  • Eat right and exercise

  • Offer help when I can

  • Let the other person be right

  • Not get offended

  • Appreciate small things

  • Dance and sing in kirtan

  • Be a servant of the servant of the servant

  • And see Krishna’s hand everywhere

What’s on your list?

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