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We come to the end of a long and painful year

Where death and illness showed their suffering face

Now hope and ending finally appear

Moving us forward toward a different place

But not too fast least we live not here and now

And learn to listen beneath the surface pain

To who we are and why we are somehow

In ways so broken, so lost with little gain

We have no-one to blame except ourselves

And choices that we made from time before

Each one alone yet adding to the shelf

Of circumstances landing at our door

We start again, a day, a year in time

With knowledge in our head and power in hand

‘That I must rise and own my life divine

And work with what I have and who I am’

Alone we come alone we will depart

Yet never alone the truth we must hold dear

That Krishna sits there close within our heart

And helps us keep our daily focus clear

We do not need a lot when we can touch

This truth to carry through our darkest hours

To take the next step even though not much

And yet another that is in our power

And then we breathe a sigh of gratitude

That we can make it work come what may

That we can end the helpless attitude

That we can see the goodness in the day

We cannot fix or change the world for sure

Stuck with where and who in every way

We only change ourselves and that’s the cure

We take our prompt from Krishna every day

Step up He says to us again again

Remember Me and fight in your own way

Go deep and see the story that’s within

And there to let your heart to rest and play


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