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Mohini's Moment

The vet called late in the evening. “We have to do surgery now. It can’t wait until morning.”

Earlier that day the devotees from Gita Nagari brought Mohini, one of the beloved cows of their eco farm project, to PennVets New Bolton Center in Philly. She had been unwell on and off for a while and no local treatments were working.

On that late night surgery permission call, the vet asked, “Do you want us to do anything special for Mohini?” Dhruva, one of the farm managers, requested they play some music and sent them a link to Prabhupada’s kirtan tape.

It was only one year earlier that Mohini had come to the farm, rescued from her slaughterhouse destination. Unbeknownst to her sellers, she was pregnant at the time and later gave birth to Shanti, now 4 months old.

During the surgery, while listening to Prabhupada chanting the Maha Mantra, Mohini left her body. Who was that fortunate soul within that cow body - to have vets care enough to ask the devotees and then to play the sacred sound that was given? We marvel at the simplicity, power, and beauty of it all.

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