Early Morning Fog

Foggy thoughts and foggy thinking

Lead our minds and hearts like sinking

Ships that sail into the the night

Wandering lost in foggy light

Wispy threads of gossamer

Tell a story, not what’s there

Fog will add a layer or two

Fog will make a fool of you

When our minds are full of fog

Towards the world we are agog

Thinking that the now is real

Forgetting what the fog conceals

Foggy thinking makes us choose

Wrong directions and we lose

Foggy thinking slows us down

Uncertain, unsure, all around

How to clear the foggy head?

How to bring clarity instead?

Sunshine and the dawning day

Clears the foggy wisps away

The sunshine of the holy name

Clears the fog from our misty brain

Let’s us understand what’s what

Let’s us see what we could not

A soul above the worldly cares

A soul that maya has ensnared

Without the fog of material desire

Our spiritual practice is like fire

Burning away the karmic past

Building our spiritual love to last

The sunshine of the holy name

Clears the fog from our misty brain

And lights the path so we can see

Who we are and what we can be

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