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Just One Spoon

Making his way towards the car with boxed lunch in hand

I began to say goodbye but he stopped and said

“Just going to get my metal spoon!”

And I though, just one spoon

A simple act of consideration for Mother Earth

And what can one spoon do, really?

Why would he bother to walk all the way

In the opposite direction, to get a little spoon

But he did because he cared, and wanted to do his part

His one small part, to honor the earth upon which we walk

And by whom we are all nourished and sustained

I marveled at his consciousness, as I too am careful

But all too often give into laziness, or next time, or others are doing it

Or in the future, or one spoon, or plastic bag, is no big deal

But it is a big deal and “just one spoon” is the mantra for now

The call to urgency for each and everyone of us to be careful

To go out of our way to protect Mother Earth

In this very moment of choice, in this small act of mine

Can I rise to the occasion, can I make the extra effort?

I hope so, or all loving of Mother Earth seems empty

And walking our talk in Bhakti seems barely begun

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