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7 Tips for an Amazing Holi DC 2017

1. Come early, stay late

It's time! Holi DC is finally here! Parking lots and entry gates open at 10.30am and the festival starts at 11am. We have lots of space at the festival site to either jump right in with the dancing Holi crowd or stand to the side and watch all the fun. Food, music, and magic for young and old alike - let this be your day in color!

If you don't have a parking pass for the festival site go straight to our free satellite parking lots (details and opening times here - There we have free shuttle buses ready to bring you back and forth to the festival all day long. Special thanks to the Potomac community locations who kindly shared the use of their parking lots with us. Please keep them clean!

3. Eat, Drink and be Merry

Food available at Holi includes a freshly prepared thali (rice and curry), tasty pakoras, dosas and quesadillas, the ever favorite mango lassi, and an onsite juice bar! Vegetarian (and some vegan) and cooked with love and devotion - our high vibration food is always a crowd pleaser. Credit cards accepted and we also have an ATM on site.

4. Across the creek

If it all gets too much, take a stroll across the creek. There you will find Laxmi (our cow), as well as a Meditation Corner, Yoga Tent and Henna. As we color ourselves on the outside, across the creek brings a splash of color to our inner self. See you on the other side!

5. Throw, throw, throw!

Time to throw caution to the wind and get messy with colors! You'll find when you do that a sense of freedom and happiness is present. Colors remind us that how we look on the outside doesn't matter at all - we are all equal in our shared humanity and citizenship of the world. We all belong and should be honored with love and respect.

6. More Beauty

Stop into the temple and see a traditional and beautiful altar from the practice of Bhakti Yoga. It is said that beauty nourishes the soul and we guarantee that this temple room will do just that. While you are there check out the Gita Walk and come away with some new insights from ancient times about life.

7. Photography & Video

Take advantage of our free photo booth where you and your friends and family can get a group photo printed right on the spot! Also, use this guide if you are planning to bring your own camera to ensure it's safety!


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